Insurance Companies

Insurance Claims 

If you suffer a loss that may be submitted as an insurance claim, from a fire, move, flood or vandalism,  your insurance company will expect a detailed damage estimate. The purpose of the damage estimate is to allow the insurance company to see if the restoration costs are reasonable, and more importantly, credible.  Designing Touches will provide this detailed damage estimate, complete with photos, within 72 hours of being contacted by the homeowner or the insurance adjuster.

Whether the damage is from water, fire, smoke or vandalism, Designing Touches helps deliver peace of mind by restoring damaged furniture, cabinets, millwork, heirlooms and other items to their pre-loss condition.



Restoration over Replacement – better in every way


It no longer makes financial sense to replace fine furniture or cabinetry that can be restored. Enlightened insurers and consumers alike know that just as you don’t replace a repairable car, you don’t replace a repairable piece of furniture or cabinet:

Repairs can be finished in less time than it takes to settle a replacement claim so the homeowner’s life can get back to normal faster.
Homeowners are saved the time and frustration of shopping for replacements.
Sentimental value is preserved.
Our cabinet repair costs average 65%-70% less than replacement costs.
Our furniture repair costs average 50%-60% less than replacement costs.


Close Claims Quickly and Easily

Designing Touches restorations are of the highest quality and fairly priced.

Many repairs are cost-effective and may save as much as 50%-70% compared to full replacement.
Your policyholders retain items that may hold deep sentimental value.
Repairs can be completed in less time than it takes to settle a replacement claim.
Restoration is environmentally responsible, reducing waste.
All work is guaranteed.